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"Remember, the bat doesn't know that it is hitting a softball."

The proper softball swing is identical to the proper baseball swing to maximize power, performance, and efficiency.

"And the glove doesn't know that it is catching and throwing a softball as the fundamentals are all the same in respect the fielding ground balls, fly balls and properly throwing to their respective bases with great arm strength, accuracy, and consistency."

Learn the proper Fundamentals for both Baseball and Softball and enjoy much success.

" The correct swing is level to the ball, not level to the ground."
-Ted Williams

" A great hitter isn't born. He's made. He's made out of practice, fault correction and confidence."
-Rogers Hornsby, HALL OF FAMER


baseball camp houston hitting lessons LEARN the ROTATIONAL HITTING MECHANIC'S of the most successful Major League Hitters:

* Are you a linear hitter or a rotational hitter?

Create effortless power regardless of size by learning how the hips lead the hands in rotational hitting.

* Do you know how to use the biggest muscles in your body to get in advantaged hitting positions for maximum results?

Learn proper technique, grip, stride, and body positioning to maximize power and line drive efficiency regardless of size.

* Do you have trouble making consistent, solid contact?

Learn how to match the plane of your swing to the plane of the oncoming pitch to maximize frequency of solid line drive contact.

* Does your swing only allow you to hit balls hard in a certain area of the strike zone?

Learn how to position your body to hit pitches in all four quadrants of home plate for power and average consistently.

* Do you have difficulty hitting good fastballs, curveballs or both? hitting lessons batting lessons houston

Learn how to hit good fastballs, changeups, and curveballs hard and consistently with a proven system.

* Do you know how to be on the offensive when the hitting count is in your favor and or do you waste to many at bats because you are uncertain of what you should be looking for?

Learn how to hit consistently and for power when the count is in your favor.

* Do you know how to hit confidently with 2 strikes?

Learn a proven system that keeps you balanced and allows you to cover all speeds with 2 strikes consistently, thus greatly eliminating strikeouts and sending your confidence SOARING !!!

* Do you have a plan when you step to the plate to hit, or are you leaving it to chance?

Learn a "HITTING ROUTINE" incorporating MENTAL and VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES to maximize effectiveness.

* Do you get nervous, anxious or lack confidence when batting?

Learn important MENTAL GAME SKILLS to eliminate fear and anxiety and greatly increase confidence.


"The fact is, I spent 15 years taking batting practice and practicing hitting the wrong way which developed the wrong mechanics. You have a choice to make in whether or not you want to learn the Hitting Mechanics that get all the scholarships, make all the money, and have all of the success. Don't waste 15 years of time. Save yourself all that anxiety and doubt that goes with it."

"There is clear evidence that players who strike out too much, because they don't know how to hit with two strikes, are the first players to get cut from their teams and the first to be moved to the bench."

"Obviously, hitters need more help with better pitch selection, and it is not found by hitting numbered or colored balls or more eye drills."

"It is clearly evident that helping hitters hit curveball is taught by teaching proper timing and not by moving up on the plate. There is no question that not being able to hit the curveball is the surest way to get cut from a team."

"Teaching players to hit faster pitches is done by teaching proper timing, not by calling for more bat speed."



* Do you lack velocity in your pitches?

Learn how to create maximum torque with your body for maximum velocity and control.

* Does your arm hurt when you pitch?

Learn to pitch with proper mechanics so every part of the body is working on time, in rhythm and in proper sequential order.

* Do you have difficulty throwing consistent strikes?

Learn the proper way to align your body and stay aligned towards home plate to direct all pitches.

* Is pitching not fun because of arm pain and the fact that you don't throw very hard?

Learn how to create the proper tempo and speed that your body should move at based on your body type and size, so you can maximize efficiency and improve your velocity as much as 12 mph sometimes immediately.

* Do you get nervous or distracted on the mound when you pitch? Do you fall apart on the mound as soon as something goes wrong and can't regain your composure and focus?

Learn how to apply MENTAL GAME SKILLS in a "PITCHING ROUTINE" to eliminate anxiety, release negative emotions and thoughts, and to regain focus and confidence, when something bad happens to you on the mound.

* Do you lack consistency on the mound in that you throw a good inning, and then a bad one, and then a good one again.

Learn a "PITCHING ROUTINE" incorporating MENTAL and VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES to maximize consistency and effectiveness.
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* Do you only have one pitch? A mediocre fastball?

Learn how to throw a variety of fastballs with movement and safe off speed pitches to disrupt the hitter's timing.

* Do you know how to, and have the confidence to consistently throw a change-up in any count at any time consistently for strikes?

Learn how to throw a very effective change-up, whenever you want in the count, wherever you want to in the strike zone, with confidence, 70% of the time.

* Do you know how to change the speeds of your fastball effectively to disrupt the hitter's timing further?

Learn the proper grips to take velocity off of the ball when you desire, thus adding pitches to your arsenal.

* Do you want to learn how to throw a safe, proper and effective curveball?

Learn the correct mechanic's of throwing a curveball to prevent injury and add another pitch to your arsenal of pitches.

rotational hitting baseball lessons houston pitching coach baseball camp

Fielding & Speed


Learn to play any of the nine positions on the field that you desire practicing all of the techniques needed to achieve success and have fun.

Question: Would your player play more in the game if he knew more than one position?

* Learn how to get on the field more frequently being as versatile as possible thus giving your coach more options on where he can play you to help the team win.

baseball lessons, fielding coachQuestion: Does your player not seem to catch a lot of balls that you or his coach think he should?

* Learn the keys to proper positioning in the game based on the situation so as to be in the right place at the right time more often.

Question: Do you only know how to throw the ball one way on the diamond?

* Learn a variety of different throwing angles and techniques to prepare yourself for various infield plays.


Learn how to improve your base running and speed with proven techniques.

Question: Do you feel like you lose a lot of hits because you don't get out of the batter's box quickly or are to slow getting down the first base line?

* Learn the techniques necessary to get out of the batter's box quickly and increase speed to beat out those infield hits and add valuable points to your batting average separating yourself from the pack.
baseball lessons pitching lessons batting lessons houston

Question: Would you like to be a base stealer but don't think you are fast enough or know how?

* Learn how to get good leads on the bases.

* Learn how to read pitcher's moves and tendencies to get great jumps and steal bases. .

* Learn situational base stealing to know when to run on the best pitches.

Question: Do you feel you are to slow to turn singles into doubles, and doubles into triples?

* Learn simple running techniques that will increase your stride length and lessen the time it takes you to get where you want to go.

Question: Do you have trouble reacting on the bases?

* Learn to run the bases properly anticipating every possible situation, giving yourself the confidence you need to take that extra base or score that winning run for your team when they need you.

"If you are a defensive liability in the field because of poor mechanics and too many errors committed, you are very likely to be replaced or cut from your team."

"Certainly, greatly improving your speed on the field and bases, keeps you on the field more often and on the team longer."

"Obviously, a catcher has to be able to block balls consistently to play everyday.There is no question that excelling as a catcher requires SPECIALIZED TRAINING."

"Players that can play multiple positions with skill and efficiency are less likely to be cut from their team."

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