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Learn to play any of the nine positions on the field that you desire practicing all of the techniques needed to achieve success and have fun.

Question: Would your player play more in the game if he knew more than one position?

* Learn how to get on the field more frequently being as versatile as possible thus giving your coach more options on where he can play you to help the team win.

baseball lessons, fielding coachQuestion: Does your player not seem to catch a lot of balls that you or his coach think he should?

* Learn the keys to proper positioning in the game based on the situation so as to be in the right place at the right time more often.

Question: Do you only know how to throw the ball one way on the diamond?

* Learn a variety of different throwing angles and techniques to prepare yourself for various infield plays.


Learn how to improve your base running and speed with proven techniques.

Question: Do you feel like you lose a lot of hits because you don't get out of the batter's box quickly or are to slow getting down the first base line?

* Learn the techniques necessary to get out of the batter's box quickly and increase speed to beat out those infield hits and add valuable points to your batting average separating yourself from the pack.

Question: Would you like to be a base stealer but don't think you are fast enough or know how?

* Learn how to get good leads on the bases.

* Learn how to read pitcher's moves and tendencies to get great jumps and steal bases. .

* Learn situational base stealing to know when to run on the best pitches.

Question: Do you feel you are to slow to turn singles into doubles, and doubles into triples?

* Learn simple running techniques that will increase your stride length and lessen the time it takes you to get where you want to go.

Question: Do you have trouble reacting on the bases?

* Learn to run the bases properly anticipating every possible situation, giving yourself the confidence you need to take that extra base or score that winning run for your team when they need you.

"If you are a defensive liability in the field because of poor mechanics and too many errors committed, you are very likely to be replaced or cut from your team."

"Certainly, greatly improving your speed on the field and bases, keeps you on the field more often and on the team longer."

"Obviously, a catcher has to be able to block balls consistently to play everyday.There is no question that excelling as a catcher requires SPECIALIZED TRAINING."

"Players that can play multiple positions with skill and efficiency are less likely to be cut from their team."

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