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2. In fact, you will have the insurance and peace of mind of knowing that the $ that you spend on instruction is documented of film, and that the correct bio-mechanical movements that are being taught to you and your child are thoroughly explained 100 % of the time.
3. As a matter of fact, players that receive specialized instruction on average play longer and have longer baseball careers due to superior skills.
4. Certainly, players with superior skills are scouted much more heavily by the best College, High School, Select, and All-Star teams.
5. Obviously, with your child's new found baseball success and confidence , he will become a leader on his team and in his life.
6. In fact, you may be invited to College Recruiting Evaluations such as Baseball Factory, The Area Code Showcase in California, The Under-Armour Perfect Game, where 75 to 100 College Coaches and 150 Professional Scouts on average will attend to scout for players.
7. Frankly, you will be doing the best thing you can do to get noticed by College Recruiters and Pro Scouts by learning to throw an above average fastball with a Powerful Big League Delivery.
8. There is no question that with your new found power and consistency at the plate and on the mound, you will get noticed and recruited by Elite Teams and coaches.
9. Frankly, you may get invited to play on a Travel Team that attends many High Profile Tournaments, which is where the College Recruiters and Major League Scouts attend personally looking for prospects for the respective teams.
10. In fact, you will be ahead of the game by being noticed early in your career because the recruiting process begins as early as 9, 10, 11 years of age for the best Select and Travel Teams in the city.
11. As a matter of fact, you will be getting your child evaluated as a pitcher and or hitter by a Baseball Professional and a Specialist.
12. Obviously, your child will have a HUGE opportunity to make every All-Star team that he is qualified for because of his superior skills.
13. In fact, with his huge increase in skill, he may become the leader of the pitching staff and hit in the middle of the batting line up at a high level of play.
14. Obviously, you will stop wondering and worrying all the while losing sleep, thinking if there is anything else you can do or are not doing to help your child improve his skills and succeed.
15. Frankly, with improved skills and performance, your child may get a College Scholarship saving you tens of thousands of $$$.
16. There is no question that with superior skills and performance, your child can have a College Baseball Experience that only 6 % of High School players ever get a chance to enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives.
17. Frankly, you can improve your velocity as a pitcher in hours not months and get noticed immediately by College, High School, Select, All-Star and Travel teams.
18. In addition, you can improve your control and velocity instantly and give your coach the confidence he needs to start you on the mound immediately no matter what level you are playing at.
19. We can all agree that playing College Baseball and traveling the country is an incredible and unforgettable experience.
20. There is no question that with your new found pitching velocity, you will strike fear in the hitters you face.
21. Obviously, because of your new power and consistency, you will strike fear in the pitchers you face.
22. In fact, the instruction you receive is based on Sports Science and not some former players beliefs or explanation of how he did it.
23. Clearly, you will become a team leader because of your confidence and the confidence your teammates and coaches have in you.
24. Obviously, you will be moved up in the batting order because of your new power and consistency and you will get to bat more times in a game which will make the game much more enjoyable.
25. Frankly, because of your new found confidence due to your success, you will want to be the player that is batting or pitching in a pressure situation with a chance to win the game for your team, where before you did not want that responsibility because of fear of failure.
26. In fact, your teammates, coaches, and opponents will look at you and treat you with new found respect because of you advanced skills, accomplishments, and intelligence for the game.
27. The fact is you will become a motivator for your teammates to work harder to improve their game because of the success that you have enjoyed as a result of your hard work and determination.
28. Obviously, you will have the confidence to know that you can hit and beat the best pitchers in your league or city.
29. You will also have the confidence to know that you can hit anyone's fastball or curveball no matter who they are!
30. Certainly, you will have the confidence to know that you can strike out and get out the best hitters in the league or your city.
31. As a matter of fact, you will no longer be scared to hit with two strikes fearing that you will strike out because you have a system that works and it has greatly increased your batting average.
32. In fact, the confidence you now have at the plate when hitting is extremely high because you almost always know what pitch is coming due to the strategy system you have learned, put into place, and witnessed be very successful for you increasing your batting average by a huge number.
33. There is no question that because now you can anticipate certain pitches in certain counts, you are now hitting more HOME RUNS...
34. Frankly, now you are stealing more bases that ever because you can anticipate which pitches the pitcher is throwing in certain counts and stealing bases on change-ups and breaking balls with ease.

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