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1. Obviously, the use of Video speeds up the learning curve dramatically so you can see instant results.
2. As a matter of fact, you will learn proper mechanics in all aspects of the game backed by Scientific Principles and documented on film for your review.
3. In fact, you will reduce the risk of serious injury due to faulty mechanics in pitching and or throwing action as a result of using video to identify dangerous mechanics and then correcting them.
4. Obviously, you will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to improve in specialty skills such as pitching, hitting, catching by using a SPECIALIST.
5. Certainly, the player will experience a huge increase in confidence, allowing him to play more freely and instinctively due to his new success.
6. There is no question that as a hitter, he will be able to hit the ball harder and farther with much more consistency along with having a Proven Hitting Strategy on how to attack the pitcher. In fact, he will no longer be fooled by curveballs on a consistent basis or be unable to hit high velocity pitchers. There is no question that his learned strategy for hitting with two strikes will give him a HUGE REDUCTION IN STRIKEOUTS allowing him to put more balls in play and subsequently get more hits thus also greatly increasing his batting average.
7. Obviously, as a pitcher, your velocity will greatly improve along with your control. In fact, increasing your velocity by 5-7 M.P.H. almost immediately.
8. Certainly, as a pitcher you will own a Major League Delivery which will lead your coaches to have the utmost confidence in you.
9. Obviously, you will become proficient at identifying dangerous mechanical faults in your sons pitching allowing you to protect your child from serious injury by having them corrected immediately.
10. In fact, you will be able to identify mechanical faults in your sons hitting and assist him in correcting them immediately so the season is not wasted in a hitting slump and he loses all joy to play along with all of his confidence and self esteem.
11. In fact, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you and your son are receiving the best baseball education and instruction possible and that you have done everything you can humanly do to help your son have a wonderful experience playing baseball and pursuing his dreams along with creating lifelong memories for him and your family.
12. As a matter of fact, you will receive a step-by-step guide of how to understand pitching mechanics so your son can have improved performance and reduce the risk of arm injuries.
13. Want to throw harder? Everyone in Houston knows that you will add MPH to your fastball, learn an incredible change-up, and nasty breaking pitches.
14. Certainly, you will change the way you think about hitting and pitching thru Advanced Mental Game Techniques taught by a Specialist.
15. In fact, you will be hitting deadly line drives and long distance balls the very same day you put our system to work for you.
16. There is no question that you will learn simple exercises that build fastball speed NOW by a SPECIALIST.
17. Obviously, you will learn how to think on the field like a Veteran Baseball Player years ahead of his peers and enjoy the strategic advantage of knowing things other players do not for huge success!
18. In fact, you and your child will learn how to have more fun playing baseball than ever before because of your new found knowledge, strategies, and understanding of the game which will go along with your huge improvement in your hitting, pitching, and fielding skills.
19. As a matter of fact, you will begin to see the game thru the eyes of a MAJOR LEAGUER.
20. In fact, you will learn a mind set that says, " I'll forget my mistakes. I am playing to have fun. No matter what happens, I am just going to have fun".
21. Obviously, learning to focus on fun helps kids play better.
22. There is no question that your child will learn to loosen up, forget about their fears, and take risks on the field which will make a huge improvement in their game.

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